Who we are and what we do

Property investment is not a new concept and over the last few decades, it has created hundreds, if not thousands of 'property millionaires'.

Property has enabled many people to increase their personal wealth at a faster rate than perhaps equities and more traditional based investments could have.

However, traditional real estate investments is not guaranteed for the future, therefore, Regal Green have devised a better way for investors to make money from property.

Clients' monies are used to build properties where there is a high demand for new affordable homes. During a 30 month cycle, the developer pays a yearly return of 8% paid quarterly which is an advance of the 20% assured profit at the end of that period.

With a structured exit option in place, this short-term investment opportunity can provide a healthy income, whilst offering the investor peace of mind that they can exit or reinvest.

Regal Green